erne lewis

cover of 'An Act of Self Defense'

An Act of Self-Defense

by Erne Lewis
  • Paperback: 304 pages
  • Publisher: Plicata Press
    (August 2, 2010)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 098282050X
  • ISBN-13: 978-0982820506

Reader Reviews

Erne has created a memorable and remarkably exciting story that will grip the reader regardless of their political persuasion. I could not put this book down... more

An Act of Self-Defense is set ten years into the future. The nation’s federal (and state) governments are nearing economic collapse as a result of political corruption, an un-repayable national debt, the selling of House and Senate legislation for power and money, massive devaluation of the national currency and much more.

All of these problems are the result of power hungry members of Congress who keep themselves in office by buying votes and with legislation making it nearly impossible for a challenger to defeat them.

To save individual liberty and rescue the economy from the corrupt political aristocracy that is destroying it, a small group, the TLR (for Term Limits Revolution) believes deadly force is morally justified as an act of self-defense that will save the nation from a looming military dictatorship. The TLR dramatically accuses Congress of having “increased your powers far beyond their constitutional limits. You have systematically destroyed our natural right to own ourselves and make our own choices. You have become a political aristocracy that takes our property and our production as if we are your serfs.”

They announce to the nation, “Ours is the only form of revolution now possible in the United States. But our revolution has this advantage: If lives must be taken, it will be those that have stolen the lives and rights and property of the people, or perhaps it will be our own.”

They give Congress "three days to approve the Term Limits Amendment to the Constitution or, unless you first resign, the long-term incumbents will be term-limited in the only way you leave us.” If the amendment passes and is approved by the people, it will prevent professional politicians from ever again serving in Congress.

The Department of Justice wrongly targets the libertarians and term-limit supporters that have long been their outspoken critics. But when the first two senators are “term-limited” in spite of all that federal authorities do to protect them, it is clear the TLR will not be easily found. They are inside the federal law enforcement agencies that are hunting them.

The passion of lovers and heroic acts of bravery are seen through characters that rise to the challenge of rescuing liberty. There is cowardice, but also bravery within the FBI as agents confront their consciences and make their choices to aid the TLR or smash them. The Patriot Act is used by the Department of Justice SWAT team to destroy political enemies.

Through the lives of the protagonists the novel examines a critical issue: If our liberties—our right to own ourselves and make our own choices in life—are diminishing with every year, is deadly force against politicians ever justified as a matter of self-defense? If not how do we ever regain our individual rights?

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